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one time use, sleep timer

Roku sleep timer: So i set it to 30 minutes, tv does shut off automatic after that 30 minutes. Good. Next morning my Samsung Android finds my other Roku tvs, but not this bedroom tv. I turn on this tv with remote. Still my phone app cannot locate the tv. Finally I walk to back of tv and it finds it. I was only 10' away the first time and did not find, 4 attempts. No idea if sleep timer caused that...

2nd issue/ complaint I would like a change to...  An option to use the sleep timer once to go to sleep, and not have it set as a default. When you turn tv back on in the morning, I don't want the sleep timer 30 min. auto, again..... just wanted as going to sleep...  Having to set it off in the menu is crazy to do every morning. The non activity off timer is not what we need, just a sleep timer, momentary one use... 

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Level 14

Re: one time use, sleep timer

Add sleep timer function to all Roku devices that can turn of TV via HDMI-CEC or similar. Or to more expensive remotes.

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