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auto turn off (AOC Smart TV)

Hello, I recently bought 2 Roku AOC smart TV. Everything is fine, except for one feature that is not well implemented.
I mean the auto power off function.
This function must be permanent when it is configured, that is, it must be configured once and stay that way permanently after it is configured once. That is so on all smart and no smart TVs.

For example, when I go to sleep, currently I have to configure the auto turn off every night, and if I forget, the TV stays on until all the night the next day. I have other televisions from another brands in which they have set the auto turn off for 2 hours a long time ago for the only one time configured, and we leave it on and we already know that after 2 hours they will turn off. its no necesary configure manually each time the tv is on.

ROKU AOC model 43s5195 hardware id 8309X software version 11.5.0 compilation 4312-AG

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