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Reel Rookie

What to watch feature enhacement

I'd like to suggest a feature enhancement to "what to watch" that I am sure has already been suggested. First let me say I love ROKU, the product. I have been somewhat frustrated (annoyed is more the word) for a few years trying to figure out a way to create a cross platform wish list/my list/save list of everything I want to watch. I want to avoid those late night "show holes" that I get into after finishing a series aimlessly going from channel to channel to find that next show of interest. Yes, each channel has their own save list and yes there are apps that help you with this like reelgood, but nothing that really hits the mark and makes everything seamless. I then recently started to listen to some news podcasts and had an epiphany. Why can't "what to watch" be like a podcast queue. This would be exactly what I am looking for. I select the channels I subscribe to; I mark the shows and movies I am interested in, and the queue is created with new releases and new episodes appearing at the top of the list. All I have to do is hit play and I can binge from show to show as Roku makes its way through the list. As new episodes come out the queue is updated. There would also have to be options as to whether you want to watch by release date or by series. In my mind this would be the utopia of streaming. I am sure this has already been thought of, and I can imagine that the probable roadblock to this are the streaming channels themselves. They are probably not willing to allow this to happen to keep folks in their channel.


Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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