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Watch list Functionality Needed

As a new Roku user, I am surprised that watch list functionality does not exist. The * key does not have this function either. This is a major weakness. All the other major players have this function. It. Is quite a liability for Roku. Perhaps competitors should use this point in their advertising? It is definitely a market deficit.


Re: Watch list Functionality Needed

I’m not sure what this means. I would love if Roku had a centralized watch list across the apps. I have a few go-to apps I use. I see other things I’d like to watch on the lesser used apps but never remember to go back and watch them. A consolidated watch list, just like the search feature would be awesome. I think app owners would also like it because it would get them more eyes on their content. 


Re: Watch list Functionality Needed

I totally agree! I'm about to cancel my premium channels because there isn't a watch list. I don't want to scroll through the whole roku channel list every time I want to watch something. Also a watch list on the home page would be brilliant! I'm sick of trying to remember which show is on what app.

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Re: Watch list Functionality Needed

OMG!! I wish I had know this about the Roku stick before I purchases.  Can not live with this either.  Bye Bye Roku.....  So elemental!  Major snafu in my eyes

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