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Was curious about the Screen Mirroring feature.

Hope I'm posting in the correct area, but I have the 32 in TCL Roku TV and I've been looking like literally all night for an answer to my question, and yet to find one lol but I already did a manual software update to 7.5.2 build 4027-08 hoping to get the screen mirroring setting, but haven't yet. Just wondering if this device will be getting the update or has anyone with the same TV got it yet possibly? It's the TCL 32 in. 720 32S3750.
And completely off topic and just outta curiosity, does anyone know how well any of the Browser's work? And if there is one ya might recommend?
Any info be most appreciated.
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Level 7

Re: Was curious about the Screen Mirroring feature.

Wrong forum. Try the video player general forum:
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