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Skateboarding videos should be available

So there is nowhere to watch classic skateboarding videos like flip sorry, elementality, yeah right, chicagonoff, or any classic videos on Roku. I’m sitting at my house really jonesing to see some big flip trucks and nasty vert skating. I have no way to do that. I would like Roku to make skateboarding videos available either by posting them to rent or buy or creating a service we can watch them freely. And why stop there why not make snowboarding and surfing videos available. The closest thing there is is thrasher’s app that allows you to watch skateboarding videos but that is not available either. Let’s change that smoke a jay and call it a day.

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Re: Skateboarding videos should be available


You know Roku generally doesn't create channels, only publishes them.

Contact all those other sources you mention and ask them to create a Roku channel for their content.  Channel creation can be bought from a 3rd party.

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