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Roku's EPIX channel needs some revisions


Although I generally like the EPIX content so far, there are some issues / suggestions I would make for the EPIX Roku channel:

1.) Lack of Search feature: Doesn't seem to be a search feature to find a show, series, or movie title or actor, etc, like most Premium content channels have. Suggest you put one in at the top-right to access with up arrow on a Roku device.

2.) Lack of a "Future Watchlist" or intended items for future viewing. Suggest you put in a list where one can choose from the title page of each show, the ability to place it on a "Future", "Favorites", "Possibles", "Intended", "Bookmarks," or other such-named list to put shows that you intend to possibly watch in the future, in addition to the "Currently Watching" list that automatically appears. Currently, your only option to get back to a show you might like, is to start watching it for enough minutes to trigger an auto-entry on the Currently Watching list.

3.) The shows are certainly chaotic-looking on the main EPIX Roku page... meaning that some new tiles are mixed-in with very old-looking tiles, and some tiles that are black with words only. It is *not* attractive or inviting. EPIX has quite a bit to offer, but who wants to look for good newer items amongst the old titles. You have the "Vault" items lower on the list - shouldn't that be enough of a place to look for old items? And you *must* have icon/tile pictures for each show. It would be far better to have a clean main page with the newer items (let's say at least for creation date within the last 10 years, ok?

Tryin' to help here, not criticism so much, because I do enjoy what I have seen so far - which is Pennyworth and Brittania, and a couple of movies.


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