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Re: Requesting IQIYI channel

It has been 1year since the request for Iqiyi channel be available on Roku, It would be appreciated if the Roku management team would listen to its customer I am sure the negotiations would be feasible to the company.

I would be willing to pay for reasonable service since there is a members fee .

Please consider adding IQIYI to roku channel service.



Re: Requesting IQIYI channel

I'm surprise ROKU doesn't have iQiyi. I've always prefer ROKU over all the others.


Re: Requesting IQIYI channel

Please Roku! Would you add iQiyi!!

Reel Rookie

Re: Requesting IQIYI channel

I would also like to request IQYI App for Roku. 

@Heliscorpian wrote:

I don’t have a fire tv which has the option for iQIYI channel would be awesome if roku could add it.


Binge Watcher

Re: Requesting IQIYI channel



IQiyi has all kinds of good dramas that Viki doesn't and probably won't get.

In fact, Viki has been adding some really cheesy c-dramas lately, and none of the good

ones. C- and k-drama fans tend to be very well informed as to what's good ad what's coming

up. (Youtube is great for that, there are several commentators like Marcus and AvenueX who

do several shows a week each.) Iqiyi is well known to have great dramas, We need to have

it available on Roku.


Re: Requesting IQIYI channel

I agree Roku is not up to date!  Asia drama is hot! I want IQIYI channel too!