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Remote for seniors: BIG BUTTONS, WORDS under buttons with symbols, backlit, sound buttons on front!

If you check your threads, you will see MULTIPLE instances of your customers requesting a Roku remote for OLDER SENIORS and users with ACCESSIBILITY issues. I've spent my entire career in film exhibition working with AV tech, so I know what I'm doing when I search the internet for AV accessibility devices, even for something as simple as a remote control.  Unless it is hiding under a rock, there is NOTHING out there suitable for a frustrated senior who wants to use your streaming services. Our requests are simple: we need BIG, BACKLIT BUTTONS WITH WORDS under the tiny symbols.  And for heaven's sake, PLEASE MOVE THE SOUND BUTTONS TO THE FRONT of the remote so a a senior with limited hand mobility doesn't hit the itty bitty mute button on the side by accident and feel even more helpless. Yes, this means the Roku remote will be bigger and that's just fine since it will makes it easier to find on or in a lift chair operated by a far better remote that makes Roku look like it didn't bother to think of something better.

My mother is 88 and her aging eyes can't distinguish between the tiny buttons and symbols even when she wears her glasses.  She spent her career in the medical field with DOCTOR in front of her name, so she doesn't need a tiny remote making her feel old and stupid when all she wants to do is watch Outlander on Starz to see the hunky Jamie Frasier who has somehow turned into the best replacement for her recently deceased husband, my father.  

Our current workaround is absurd.  I've placed a battery-operated, Ring camera aimed at my mom's TV and an Amazon Echo Show under her TCL Roku TV.  When she feels defeated by the little buttons on the Roku remote, she uses the Echo Show to start a video call and I log into her Ring security app to view her TV screen.  I hold my Roku remote up to the Echo Show screen while describing the location of the buttons. When she pushes a button, I verify the results by looking at screen of the Roku TV on the Ring app. It embarrasses her to need my help and angers me that this is the best option I have found to help her. It's hard enough caring for a senior from afar, so please listen to your customers' requests to help your older customers maintain their independence and dignity when all they want to do is watch some TV.

When you read your threads, it will become obvious to you that Roku has NEVER offered a useful response to customers asking for these simple, but necessary, accessibility needs.  It is past time for you to help us as watching TV sometimes seems to be the only pleasure left for a large part of your customer base that feels ignored. So, YES, Yes, I meant to use shouty capitals.  You've ignored previous requests so long that someone needed to scream to get your attention.

Best wishes from a surprisingly loyal customer.

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Re: Remote for seniors: BIG BUTTONS, WORDS under buttons with symbols, backlit, sound buttons on fro

I can offer suggestions that may be better although not a perfect solution

Get a Roku device that works with IR (simple) remote. Express, Streambar are examples, not any of the sticks.

3rd party universal remotes have Roku codes and maybe you will find one that has a better button layout.  Or a "learning" remote.

You can also  try upgrading to voice remote, or smart speaker, to get voice control of Roku.

Or install Roku app on a large format android phone or android tablet.

Final option is to find someone who can make a bigger box with bigger buttons, which can mechanically press the buttons on standard Roku remote stored inside.

Sadly what you report is a common product with modern electronics. Also the craziness of touch screen radios etc in cars.

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