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Radio Roku Presets and Search Feature


I had not been to the Radio Roku webpage for a long time because I had everything set to my satisfaction. I went there today, and I don't seem to be able to change presets anymore, and the search option isn't working. I used to use the search feature regularly, and it was very useful. Sometimes the language list of stations changes, and sometimes it doesn't. Are others experiencing these problems? I would be interested to know. I have found my soundbridge and Radio Roku so helpful, really indispensable. Today I have also been reading threads on the Roku forum about soundbridges being discontinued and the disappointment of Radio Roku volunteers. Are things just going to deteriorate? It's very sad if that is the case. I'm glad we still have the forum anyway.
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Re: Radio Roku Presets and Search Feature

The search function is still working, try again.
The update presets function stopped working some time ago following a Java update. Search this forum for more information if you are interested.
However, all of the web site functionality for station searching and browsing, including updating presets, is available from the Soundbridge itself.
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