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Password Protected Groups

Two things I would love to see on this device are the ability to create groups (Adults, Kids, etc) and the ability to password protect a section or an item.

Sometimes the little ones operate the device and it would be good to limit what they have access to view.
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Re: Password Protected Groups

Here sort discription about Password Protected .

Password Protect Folders, the security software program for Windows, helps you:

* Protect folders of your choice on the internal, external, removable, and network drives. The number of folders you can protect in the full version is unlimited. The free trial version can lock up to three folders.
* Lock folders with different passwords. You can use the same password for all your folders or get higher security and set a different password for each folder.
* Set a password hint not to forget your password.

Tired of your friends, co-workers, or children messing up with your files? Using Password Protect Folders, you will see just how easy it can be to safeguard your sensitive files against unwanted access. The program supports Windows Vista, XP, NT, 98, and ME.
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