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Night Dimming Mode Suggestion

Just here to suggest a feature in new updates to Roku. 

An either on/off toggle option in the settings or an auto toggle option which would allow the user to enter night mode. The night mode would essentially be the brightness lowering/dimming. This could be customizable per user depending on how dark/bright they wish to have the display. 

This would be a great suggestion, especially since many people fall asleep with their Roku devices on. This would allow them to be able to watch (or listen) to their favorite tv shows at a lower brightness to help fall asleep and it would be beneficial in those instances when you wake up in the middle of the night - the TV wouldn’t blind you. 

This feature would be helpful so it could either be turned on or off via the Roku device- so the overall settings of the TV display do not have to change (Since a TV is often connected to a gaming device as well the display mode would constantly have to be tampered with). The user would be able to toggle it on or off at will - maybe to have a soothing episode of a cartoon on while they are trying to take a nap on a rainy day. Or they would be able to have it on a timer so once it reaches a certain time - the dimness of the Roku would automatically reflect the settings created by the user and revert to original settings at another time. 

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