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New unit with 20-40 minute memory cache.

Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum and I reposted it in the correct forum and this topic can be deleted by an admin.

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Re: New unit with 20-40 minute memory cache.

1) would require netflix to allow a client to store the data, which I doubt the content providers would like (potential copyright issues.)

2) seems cool.

3) have no idea.

4) this is the soundbridge forums not the dvp forums, would probably be better to post this in the feature request thread in the dvp general forum:

Feature request for dvp thread:

DVP General forum:
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Re: New unit with 20-40 minute memory cache.

Sorry I'm new to the forums and made a newbie mistake of not reading the forums first and just posting in the only Feature Request Forum listed, I will copy and paste this question in the other forum, it's to bad if they cannot add cache to the device.
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