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Movie Store - allow more than 400 titles and need to sort alphabetically

Roku's Movie Store displays my Vudu movie collection (once I logged in). However, I am told there is a 400 title limit to the number of movies the Movie Store will display. Since consumers are encouraged to buy their movies in digital form, one can accumulate more than 400 titles (I think I am at 358 right now). I would strongly suggest that this limit of 400 be removed or increased so those who have large collections are able to use this Roku feature without only being able to 'see' a limited number of their titles. Why is there a limit anyway????

Second, there need to be the option to sort by alphabetic title instead of default purchase date. Heck if I remember when I purchased movies. It wastes soooo much time scrolling by purchase date instead of being able to quickly find the title alphabetically. P.S. "the" and "a" are NOT the alphabetical beginning of a title. 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' is alphabetically 'A' for Avengers, not 'T' for the.

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