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Level 7

Feature Request: smarter and/or customizable TimeGrid animateToChannel animations

Our channels are grouped in categories. We're dumping them all into a single TimeGird and then user can pick a category to have TimeGrid scrolled to the first channel of that category using animateToChannel.

The problem is animateToChannel is always animating forward/down, so if the user wants to jump to the previous category, TimeGrid will animate forward/down all the way, then wrap around, effectively animating through the whole grid when it could have just quickly animated backwards/up.

The ideal solution would be for TimeGrid to be "smart" and detect which direction it should animate in on its own so that it can reach the destination channel in the shortest time possible.

Alternately, animation direction could be configurable.

It would also be nice if we could configure animation speed or maybe set a duration which is usually the parameter used when designing UX.