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Feature Request: Pause after ads

I'm thinking of this particularly for Hulu but it would probably be useful for other streaming services that have ads that cannot be fast-forwarded through. I like that Hulu has a little indicator that tells you how much time the ads have left. I'd like to take it a little further though. I'd like the ability for the ad to continue to play and then PAUSE when the ads are finished and the show is ready to start. It's a small thing but I think it would be a very popular incremental improvement. Think about just one example. You want to go to the bathroom while the ad plays but don't want to miss any of  your show. The ad starts but you don't want to have to rush back to the tv and you're watching alone (nobody there to pause for you). You could simply pause the ad but why waste the time? Wouldn't it be great if you could press a "Pause after ads" button and walk away for a while and come back after the ads are finished playing and not lose your place? Some other uses besides bathroom breaks: Get a snack, run an errand, give the kids a bath, take the dog for a walk. I know we're only talking about a couple minutes of time savings. You could just pause the commercial and sit through it when you get back but it would just be nice to not have to do that. Hey, they have inserted ads to the pause screen so those ads are going to be there when you get back to watching your show. So the advertisers aren't missing out on much with this feature. I don't think it would be a great technical leap to add this feature. Anybody else support this idea?

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