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Feature Request: Parental Controls For Accessing Channels/Apps

They’re having several times where one of my kids will end up on the TV and end up selecting an app I don’t want to use frequently without my permission. It would be great if we could add a password or pass code or individual apps to their accessibility for kids when parents are not looking. For example if they want to use to YouTube and we should be able to set up a passcode for that specific app so that if the kid wants to use YouTube they have to get our permission first.

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Require password to start a channel

Just how you need to use a PIN to install a channel, it would be nice to be able to require a PIN to start already installed channel on my Roku like YouTube. This would essentially lock children out of channels unless a parent entered the PIN for them. 


Re: Parental Controls for specific apps

That feature would be very nice....

Reel Rookie

Global Parent Control to Open App

I have content controls in place for my child so that he can’t purchase content, add channels, or see age-inappropriate content.

What I REALLY need is the ability to require PIN entry to even activate an app, on an app by app basis.  My issue is I don’t want my child watching ANY YouTube videos without permission, but I can only restrict by age level.  Simply removing the app won’t cut it. If I remove the app from my Roku 2 on my basement TV where my son watches most of his shows, it also removes the app from the Roku 3 upstairs where my wife and I watch.  

If I could set the Roku to require the PIN to even start YouTube (or any other app of my choice) that would be immensely helpful.

(So you understand: my child is on the autism spectrum, and videos like unboxing videos, video game streams, and other kid-candy content with no educational value is an enormous distraction to him and I need to be able to prevent it.)


Re: Feature Request: Parental Controls For Accessing Channels/Apps

Yes, this is a simple and essential parental feature that I’d be extremely appreciative of!

I’d also use this specifically for YouTube.  YT is an excellent resource for learning, but it’s also full of mindless drivel that is still considered “age appropriate” for kids.  In my mind, it has to be supervised.

Re: Feature Request: Parental Controls For Accessing Channels/Apps

I too would like this feature to use for YouTube. I do not want my kids watching YouTube unless they are supervised as they can accidentally choose something inappropriate. I don't want to remove the channel because then it removes it from all of our Roku boxes in the house. 

Channel Surfer

Re: Feature Request: Parental Controls For Accessing Channels/Apps

I would also like this feature to be implemented as soon as possible. 


Re: Feature Request: Parental Controls For Accessing Channels/Apps

Let me join the choir to say i would also like a passcode that can be applied to individual apps.  I would also use this for youtube mainly, but also other channels as well.

As a parent, i am so frustrated of the lack of "white list" options for parents (not just roku, but seemingly everything).  For roku, a white list can be easily (i think) done by allowing parents to put a passcode on individual aps.  I would put a passcode on most apps, then leave the passcode off for the apps that I am ok with my kids watching at any time.

I do not need fancy content filtering that is a headache to keep up with.  Simply letting me choose which apps are "on" or "off" for kids would be great.  A passcode easily lets me turn an app "on" when I am around to supervise.

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