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Feature Request - Allow Some Channels to Remain Logged In - Preventing Guests From Logging Out

On our vacation rentals we use roku on over 20 Roku TVs. We provide our guests with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO GO and Sling all on our accounts. Our problem is that guests log out from our accounts from time to time and log into their accounts and than log out when they check out, leaving the next guests without access to our services. We can't check and log in every time, between all our houses there's just no way to do it. Our biggest issue is Netflix as in order to log back in we have to give the guests our password as there's not an option to log in with a code like hulu or hbo go (which we can then do remotely for the guests). Another issue is guests sign up for upgrades (on hulu for example) and trails on our account or change input names and order. Would be super nice if we can lock settings and the option to log out of apps behind a pin code or something. Or maybe in the new guest mode should be an option instead of log out of all accounts, don't let them log out from already logged in apps at all  (kind of the opposite of what it is now).    

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