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Feature Request- Add 'Currently Watching' on the home page

With the numerous channels available and most channels have a continue watching area within them, it can be hard to remember which channel that movie or TV show you were watching was on if you stop it and continue watching it on another day. It would be really nice if there was a 'Continue Watching' section on the Roku home page that would display all currently watching movies or TV shows ordered by the most recently viewed in descending order.

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Re: Feature Request- Add 'Currently Watching' on the home page

I came here to request the exact same feature!  If we could somehow mark a show to start or continue watching (preferably to a specific profile) and have it show up in the “My Feed” or other section, that would be great. 

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Re: Feature Request- Add 'Currently Watching' on the home page

Yes, is anyone at ROKU or YouTube listening?  If I have a power failure, or something else, I have to go in to "history" to gain access to what I was watching, frustrating.

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