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Continue Streaming (Don't auto-switch to Home) if user switches TV HDMI or input port.

I have a Roku Express 4k 2021.   It's connected to a Sony XBR-65X850C.  HDMI port is configured for 4k (Auto).  While streaming from my Roku, I often switch input ports, on my TV, to temporarily check a sports score or whatever.  Then I'll switch back to the Roku.  In HD mode (1080), the Roku keeps streaming and I can join right into my program when I switch HDMI back.  With the Roku Express, in UHD-4k mode, when I switch inputs (HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 for example), the Roku Express will close whatever app I have running on it and default back to the Home screen.  So, when I switch inputs back to the Roku, I have to then restart the app again, and restart the program Im was watching, sit through 3 to 5 minutes of commercials and then find the spot I was at, before the Roku closed.  HUGE pain in the **bleep**.   Unless I intentionally exit the app, I want the Roku to stay streaming if I switch HDMI or input ports on the TV, so I can switch back, when I'm ready, and the streaming channel is not interrupted.  This does not happen in 1080 mode.  It only started happening in 4k mode.  Anyone have a fix??  Thanks.

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