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Channel Request: Custom Stock Ticker Screensaver

I just submitted a suggestion about a customizable running stock ticker tape that would play at the bottom of the TV screen regardless of the channel I am watching.  That post did not show up, so I created a User Name and am posting this.  Rather than having to watch a particular channel like CNBC and seeing a running stock ticker tape with prices for stocks with high trading volumes, I want to be able to choose the stocks that will display on the running ticker.  Then, I want to be able to choose to have that ticker play regardless of the channel.  If I have on any news, movie, sports, etc., I'd like to be able to view prices for stocks in my portfolio.  Give me that, and I'll have the TV running silently all day long just for an easy way to see my investments.  By the way, some websites that provide stock prices and quotes provide this...but you have to be logged on to their website.

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Re: Channel Request: Custom Stock Ticker Screensaver

This is a GREAT idea.  I was literally just looking for something like this.  In fact, that's how I came across your post.  Great thinking...

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Re: Channel Request: Custom Stock Ticker Screensaver

This +1,000,000 - I need this in my life immediately.

I’m looking for a stock ticker and investing/breaking news solution for a tv (or three?) in my home office.

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