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Cable Box Replacement Mode (rental home)

I own a rental property where I subscribe to Spectrum internet and Spectrum TV. I want to replace my expensive STBs with Roku streaming Stick 4K.

Currently guests can power on the STB and begin to watch TV immediately without having to login / load / select apps, etc. Can Roku enhance their software so that once a guest uses the Roku remote to power-up, it will automatically load an app I preselected (Spectrum TV)? Further, I don’t want guests to logout of the Roku account or the Spectrum TV app. 

Roku needs to support the use case of a cable box replacement which doesn’t allow users to login or out of the services. This is also important to support older people or those that are easily confused by technology. 

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Re: Cable Box Replacement Mode (rental home)

 This would be like "kiosk mode" on a PC. Very locked down.  But probably would mean that renters couldn't login with their own e.g. Netflix account?

That said I'm not in the US, but doesn't the Spectrum app still need a cable subscription to enable it?  Or will there be a box/subscription on one TV in the property but the others just have Roku?


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