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Authorize Roku for automatic streaming service activation

My husband 'accidentally' reset one of our Rokus yesterday and while I took an hour setting it all back up I had a feature idea to assist in setting up additional new. replaced or reset devices. After I logged in to my "Roku" account it started loading all my "channels" - if it remembers my channels, could it not also remember my activation?

When I picture it, I think of my Google Home app and how I can "Authorize" it for my other smart device accounts - the devices I have set up are added automagically and commands pass right through. It would be so very convenient to similarly 'authorize' my Roku account to 'activate' my Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Prime, and *insert any of the ever-expanding streaming services available here* accounts automatically during the initial 'setup' via my Roku account login.  [BTW - I do LOVE love LOVE the ability to activate on a PC or mobile device, so much so that I was quite put out when Disney+ made me type in my full email/password combo. This is a huge user-satisfaction feature - thank you for that!]

Thanks for your consideration!

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