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AVI Support on Roku Media Player

Roku Media Player works very well, it handles almost everything I have. One shortfall is that officially, Roku Media Player won't play .avi or wmv files natively. You have to jump through some hoops that involve separate media servers, or other apps. There of course is the availability of remuxing but again, for some people this is not a trivial process. Though they are older formats, many people still have videos in .avi or .wmv or other formats and it would be a great benefit for Roku to officially support the formats, or even unofficially add a codec that would play the files without promoting it. It wouldn't even need to be a supported feature in that case, just one that existed on the box.
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Re: AVI Support on Roku Media Player

Wrong forum board - this one is for legacy SoundBridge. Try reposting in viewforum.php?f=28
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