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unfit devise

I 've been using roku like five years now and I never had a problem so on Tuesday of this week after trying to access ESPN ( that I subscribe to every month) I get a message on the tv screen 'content not available try again later' so I've been trying that now five days please fix it

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Re: unfit devise

First, have you contacted ESPN? They might be having a problem at their end. Second, Roku is not the developer of the ESPN channel, so has no ability to fix a problem it might have. Again, for that you must contact ESPN.

When a channel isn't working properly, the first step to try is to remove the channel, reboot the Roku (critical step, do not skip), and then add the channel back in. 

You didn't mention specifically what Roku device you have. Some channels don't work well with older players, usually because the channel developer designs it for the latest, more capable players. The older player might still work with some channels, but others become problematic. If that's the case, the only solution is to get a newer, more capable player. This is not by Roku design, but something that the channel developers almost force onto their users. 


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Re: unfit devise


1) Log out of the ESPN app:  Settings/Account Information/Select account/Continue

2) Remove ESPN app: Highlight ESPN app, Options (*), Remove

3) Restart Roku:  Settings/System/System restart/Restart  <-- MUST DO THIS HERE!!

4) Re-install ESPN app (and login/re-activate)


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