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Roku Guru

Re: roku ultra will not plan Youtube March 9

@DocJ wrote:

Same here. Noticed it this afternoon. The fixes listed so far in this thread (when signed in) didn’t help.  Chatted with a tech agent. She said something to the effect that “we haven’t heard anything about this problem since noon (noon in Delhi?).  I told her that just because she hadn’t heard about it lately doesn’t mean it’s fixed. So, Roku knows about the problem. I just can’t figure out why Roku can’t put a trouble advisory on their website or app so we can see that they know about and are working on a problem. 

You chatted with the wrong support agent (Roku support of course cant tell you about YT's issue etc) - you need to contact Google/YT - its their app and their authentication issue .

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Channel Surfer

Re: roku ultra will not plan Youtube March 9

Seems like google may have fixed the issue.  I have not had any issues playing videos this morning.

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