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Roku Guru

Re: "Mode Not Supported" -- suddenly won't play Netflix

Ok so you set it up and when you launch Netflix you get “mode not supported”?

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Reel Rookie

Re: "Mode Not Supported" -- suddenly won't play Netflix

Yes, and now it will do nothing. Just a black screen with the message.

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Retired Moderator

Re: "Mode Not Supported" -- suddenly won't play Netflix


Thanks for the posts.

Can you please clarify the issue you are experiencing? Does this issue only happy on Netflix or does it happen on other channels? Have you tried switching the HDMI cable to see if that helps? 

For troubleshooting purposes, have you tried connecting the Roku device to another TV to see if the same issue occurs.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Binge Watcher

Re: "Mode Not Supported" -- suddenly won't play Netflix

My roku will play Netflix, if I can get iNTO it at all. For the last 2 weeks I have to unplug cords then replug and do this silly ritual of 

click home 5 times

click up 1 time

click rewind 2 times

click forward 2 times 

then it works. But next time I start roku I have to do this whole ritual  EVERY TIME 

softeare is update. Batteries are fine. Checked connection and all that is on roku and all pass the tests. 

what is wrong with this thing?? Please help. 

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