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over heating can't order extender.

Our Roku Premiere just started over heating VERY badly. I've tried at least a dozen times, on 2 phones and a PC to order the free extender on the link provided for that, but once I fill out the form, it will not go through. Please don't send me back to that useless link, just give me a link that works or a number to call to order the extender before this thing burns the house down.


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Re: over heating can't order extender.

If you are that concerned about overheating then just buy a HDMI extender cable (short or longer) cheaply on eBay or Amazon, and you would have it quicker.

Yes free stuff is good, and the form should work but some devices, browsers, ad blockers etc stop the form working. It isn't the best implementation.

Try other devices and browsers and fill the form carefully (e.g. avoid spaces), it can work. I have got extenders recently but it would have been quicker to get on eBay.

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Re: over heating can't order extender.

The extender is only available for, and more importantly only useful for, a stick.  The Premiere is not a stick and the extender would serve absolutely no purpose.  What is the model number shown under Settings->System->About?  If your Premiere is less than a year old you may want to start exploring a warranty return.

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