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out of sync when playing from computer

I have been streaming films from my MacAir to my TV via Roku /Airplay or using an HDMI connection and it has been fine until recently.. Now anything I stream from the laptop is out of sync whether is is a movie, YouTube, Netlfix, etc., on Bluetooth, Airplay of HDMI cable. 

I spent time on the Forum and while I could not find my problem or sync problems seemed to have been solved by turning "off" the volume in Audio settings. But my problem seems to be worse.

I spent 90 minutes on thew phone with Apple Care and was bumped up to  higher tech.  We tried to stream from my iPhone but couldn't even get ot to work. No solutions.

For my work I must screen films this way.

Please help. 



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Re: out of sync when playing from computer


I'm gonna say it's not the Roku. You mentioned you get the issue when using HDMI cable. When you're connecting that way, that means you're connecting directly to the TV, bypassing the Roku altogether. So the issue happens when the Roku is out of the picture. It's not the Roku.

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