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menu screens are clear but programs are blurry - Roku Ultra

I'm in the process of moving from one house to another; I took a TV (Samsung 1080) and Roku Ultra box that had worked fine at the 'old' house to the 'new' house.  The menu screens on Roku and on Hulu / Netflix / ESPN, etc are still HD quality, but when I select a program from any source on the home screen, the picture quality is definitely NOT HD...

I took a different Roku box from the 'old' house and connected it and it behaves the same way - menus look great, programs like **bleep**.  When I took that box back to the 'old' house, everything looks fine.  I've double checked all the display settings on Roku Ultra and the TV, and all appear to be set correctly. 

It doesn't seem like the problem is with the TV, or the menus would not look right.  Also, the picture is fine when I simply connect it to an external antenna. 

Similarly, it doesn't seem like the problem is with the Roku box (or the HDMI cable), because again, the menus look good but the programs do not.  Even the menus that you select the programs from within Hulu or Netflix from look fine, and it even seem like the picture might be HD right when you begin to play a program, but within a few seconds, it turns muddy.

I'm at a loss as to what the problem is - anyone have any ideas?

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