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Re: frame rate does not auto adjust - have to keep going to settings/display to set it again

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I have another question for you if you are willing. I am unable to get my Vizio V436-G1 to say anything other than "stereo" (press info to get info on top right line.) when I am on anything other than TV. Roku viewing a 5.1 movie on Prime, and it still says "stereo" and new soundbar (Vizio M-series M21D-H8R, when I press setup/info, says "HDMI,stereo"(voice). I even set Roku settings/Audio/HDMI to "Dolby Digital,DTS"

(In the TV I did set System/CEC to enabled.)(TV settings Audio either auto,bitstream, or dolby d. still all I get up top is "stereo".

What am I missing? I thought it was the soundbar not being capable, but same with new soundbar.

TV HDMIARC to soundbar HDMIARC. soundbar HDMI to ROKU. CEC recognizes ROKU, and 4kBR. (even with 4kBR player all I get is "stereo".

Roku 4662X(4662RW), retired: Roku 4630X.
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