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YouTube Video and Audio Out of Sync

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been noticing only my YouTube app will go out of sync when I’m watching a video. It happens with multiple videos and does not happen when ads are playing, just the main video. It also does not happen on HBO Max, Netflix, or Hulu. I tried restarting the tv (system reset and the remote code), checking for system and YouTube updates, removing and re-adding YouTube, and resetting system audio settings. I am at a loss of what to do, and its been a very frustrating process. Any advice?

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Re: YouTube Video and Audio Out of Sync

Hi @XLuvBunniX

Thank you for the inquiry!

Have you tried removing the affected YouTube channel and then re-install again? If not, we suggest starting there. In some cases, removing the affected channel and then re-installing it may help. Restart your device before re-adding the channel back in to ensure the process is successful. We recommend doing this through the Settings menu by navigating to Settings > System > Power (If there is no Power submenu, proceed to the next step.) > System restart.

For detailed instructions, refer to this Support link for more information: How to resolve a channel playback issue | Official Roku Support.

Let us know if there's any difference after.

Warm Regards,