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Would I get any improved audio quality upgrading from 3920X-Premiere to an Ultra 2020?

I realize that only certain models support Atmos.  But I'm not interested in that yet anyway.  I'm strictly interested in 'HDMI'--out to my AV-Receiver... My AV-Receiver is currently set to 5.1. 
I don't think I ever see better than Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 48000.... Listed as DD+ 48hz.

But of course the bitrates, and I think sound pretty low on Amazon-Prime-Video, especially for older programs and movies.  Their newer movies, they seem to put a little more umph in (so we don't notice they are trying to save bandwidth)

So I'm just asking if my Roku model can do any assistance?

Yes, you can really tell the difference between streaming and the physical media, especially with the 'Amazon' version.

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