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With Bandwidth Saver Off, how do I make YouTube stop asking to confirm if I'm still watching?

Sometimes I like to use 6-10 hour rainfall/ocean white noise videos to help me sleep in the overnight hours (I live in a downtown neighborhood, so noise masking is always necessary).  Last year, I did figure out that the Bandwidth Saver feature was limiting me to 4 hours, so I do have that turned off.

However, the YouTube app itself now asks around the 6 hour mark to confirm that I'm still watching the video.  Playback stutters and ultimately stops, which is what usually wakes me up.

I've poked around the YouTube app and see no way to turn this feature off.  Am I missing a feature or setting?  There are some really nice quality recordings that are really effective so it's really annoying to be woken up because I've lost my noise masking.

I will note I'm not signed in with an account - if that will fix the problem I can make an account, I just don't do this all that often so I was hesitant to sign up for yet another account for something I don't use often.  I'm normally not a big YouTube user.

Thanks for any tips, and yes - my Bandwidth Saver is turned to "Off."  This appears to be a specific issue with long videos on the YouTube app.

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