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Reel Rookie

Why does Roku have issues with HDCP?

I’ve seen the troubleshooting guides about the HDCP error that happens often on my Roku. 

I’m wondering if Roku is ever going to address the issue? I don’t mean by telling us what to do to correct it when it happens, I mean to figure out why it’s happening to begin with. 

it’s not a problem with an HDMI cable since the Roku stick plugs directly into the TV. It’s not a problem with that HDMI port, as it will go days with no issues and then all of a sudden get screwed up again out of nowhere. It’s not the TV itself as it’s never had an issue with anything else except the Roku. 

every time it happens, unlplugging and waiting and resetting and restarting seems to work, it’s just SO ANNOYING. It would be great if Roku acknowledged there was a known problem and offered a permanent solution. 

I have two other TVs in the house, one has an old AppleTV device connected to it, and the other an Amazon FireStick. Never once have I seen this HDCP problem on those, only with the Roku. 

Rant over. cmon Roku gimmie something here. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Why does Roku have issues with HDCP?

They keep regressing HDCP errors in new firmware versions/builds, and this has been going on for years.

The solution is to hire better HDMI handshaking programmers who can better design and execute HDMI-handling code within the context of RokuOS.

When that happens you'll see much better/more robust HDMI handshaking results, including a lack of HDCP errors.

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Why does Roku have issues with HDCP?

@RokuDanny-R-- anybody at Roku listening?

Roku Community Streaming Expert
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Reel Rookie

Re: Why does Roku have issues with HDCP?

Ohhhhhh I get it! So basically it’s just poor management! 

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