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Reel Rookie

Watching show with seasons& won't continue to play!

Hi,It's been a good couple yrs I can't figure out a certain problem that happens 2 me when I watch a show with reasons on My Mobile,It's been cpl yrs because I hardly watch My shows on my cell,My problem is When a 20min.Espisode is finish,want my show to continue playing with the next episode,  (AUTO PLAY) but It doesn't do it,I have to restart everything again& answer the questions, if I'm going 2 watch on My screen T.V,Tablet,Roku Express or Mobile? It's really#ANNOYING, I've done,& looked all over the Roku.App, if I see a AUTO PLAY button but I DONT see a solution.Can Anybody please Help? I would greatly appreciate it..          thank u so                              much                                -LadyLopez 

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Re: Watching show with seasons& won't continue to play!


Let me make sure I'm understanding the issue.

You are attempting to use the Roku app on your mobile device to watch Roku Channel content, right?

And, when you watch it via Roku Channel on your Roku device, everything works as expected, with next show playing when it should.

But, when you watch on the Roku app on your mobile device, it's not keeping up with what you've watched, right?

Or, am I totally off-base?

I'm thinking I'm missing the actual issue because there's one other thing you said that is confusing if it is as I described above: What's with the answering questions? What questions are you having to answer? On your mobile?

I'm thinking that's more of the issue, and the failure to keep up with the show progress is a side effect. Explain more about those questions. What questions? When? What are the questions? And on what devices are you getting these questions?

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