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Vudu movies not showing up

Here’s my issue. My roku Vudu channel, worked for a few years on different devices. 
Except lately, I’m having to reload, reload, reload , over and over until my purchases are recognized. It says I’m logged in, but I don’t own anything. I have to play the trailer and then it’ll be watchable, sometimes. Or it isn’t, like tonight. None of my 2000+ movies or videos are available as watchable without re purchasing them. They’re fine on Vudu in my browser and on my tv, but not roku. Is this new problem going to be fixed soon or do I just have to move on from roku?

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Vudu movies not showing up

Hi @Thisguy80,

Thanks for posting in the Roku Community!

I'd be happy to take a closer look to see how we can help get you up and running.

We recommend starting here to troubleshoot channel issues: Follow these steps in order:
1. Navigate to the channel tile on the Roku home screen, press the * key on your remote, and choose 'Remove channel'.
2. Next, restart your device from Settings>System>System restart. (For Roku TV Settings>System>Power>System restart)
3. Once your player/TV starts up again, go to 'Streaming Channels' on the Home screen, and add the channel back once more.
You may also refer to this link: How to resolve a channel playback issue | Official Roku Support
If this issue is not resolved, please let us know along with any additional information you may have that would be helpful for our team to assist you further in this problem.

Best regards,


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