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Voce Commentary. How do I stop it.

Three days ago I suddenly started getting commentary from a voice telling me everything I was doing. This is irritating and I would like to stop it but after trying many things I still get it on one of three Roku devices I have.

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Re: Voce Commentary. How do I stop it.

Hello @skel0640

Thanks for the post.

The screen reader or Audio Guide can be turned on or off by pressing Star (*) on the Roku remote four times quickly. The Star button is located below and to the right of the directional pad on the Roku remote. The directional pad is plus-shaped and is in the center of the remote.

For more information, you can visit this link: How to enable the text-to-speech screen reader on your Roku® streaming device

I hope this helps!

All the best,

Kariza D.
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