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Ultra 4801 makes sound and then shuts off

Roku Ultra Model 4801X
SN: SODD3187D393
Make a 90 decibel static noise and electrified picture for 4-5 seconds and then everything turns off: television, roku unit, everything. Turn it back on with remote and it’s ok til the next time.

NEW INFORMATION:  This is happening when every 15 to 20 minutes when I have the Roku unit just sitting on the Roku home screen.  NO CHANNEL SELECTED.  Also tried selecting the Roku channel.  SAME RESULT. So I have Verizon FIOS Gigabyte service and I checked this both on direct wired connection and Wifi connection. SAME RESULTS.  This is definitive.  There is a signal going to the roku unit that is causing this. It is causing the Roku to start blaring loud static for 5-6 seconds, the screen to display glaring static image and then turn completely off.  CHECK THIS OUT

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Re: Ultra 4801 makes sound and then shuts off


Thanks for the post.

It looks like the issue you are experiencing is different than what the users in the thread that you have posted, so we moved the thread to one of its own.

I have passed along your information to our Support team. They will follow up and assist you.



Danny R.
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