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USB Stick *very* hot when plugged into Ultra and not being used

Not sure this is in the right category, but here goes.

I mix a lot of videos for exercising. Mainly music videos to play in the background. I also play movies from the USB stick.

I throw these mixes and movies on a a USB stick to plug into the back of the Ultra in the USB port.

I noticed that the stick is *very* hot even when not being used or accessed.

To get around this I plugged in a male/female USB extender and plug the USB stick in only when I'm accessing this.

This seems like a design/access issue and the USB stick shouldn't really be hot when your using other applications on your ROKU and not accessing it.

I also unplug my remote HD (Samsung 4tb) from the USB port when I'm not using the Roku app to access content because I noticed the light will stay on (blue) even when I'm not accessing the drive for a long time.

I guess it could be a balance being struck between having the USB Stick/HD in ready mode by the ROKU, but would really like to see some way to control this is settings, like USB always ready?Y/N and N would mean that when you access the ROKU app for playing USB content in takes a minute or two to sync & power up the devices.