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Two Roku devices can't play Hulu

I have a roku express. Two weeks ago whenever I tried to watch anything on Hulu, I get the error P-DEV320, saying it can't play. It plays for one second then goes to the error screen. So I get on the phone with hulu. We go through everything they can do and nothing makes it work. Power cycling, uninstalling the app, powering off the router, clearing the cache. Nothing.

So I figure it must be the Roku unit. I get a new Roku express.

Same error! Every other app works fine. Only hulu doesn't seem to work across two  roku devices. I've never seen anything like it.

I still get the P-DEV320 error. It's not hulu. It seems to be on roku's side or some other issue.

Has anyone heard.of anything like this? This is driving me crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Two Roku devices can't play Hulu


There have been reports of that error on multiple platforms. A LiveWire article mentions this, but does not offer Roku resolution steps. A restart of the Roku device would approximate a suggestion the article makes for other platforms.

Hulu Support addresses the issue as well, offering some suggestions.

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