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Tv sucks

Bought my TV in 2017 and today 04/13/2021 my tv stopped working it all went black. Been hanging since I got it. Never been touched scratched dropped or hit. Still has plastic around the tv itself. A company that charges to run their service has to have a good customer service. And this company definitely does not have that... by far ! I need a new tv or somehow return this one to get it fixed as soon as possible, I am paying for other shows through my account and it’s pointless if I can’t see anything? Worst service hands down. New TVs aren’t supposed to give out within 4 5 years my old 32 is still running and I had that since 09 roku is a joke ! 

Roku Guru

Re: Tv sucks

You didn't mention who made it, but some TV manufacturers do have significantly better reliability ratings than others.  Last time I checked, Consumer Reports listed Samsung as one of the most reliable which is why my old/current TV was made by them.  (I haven't checked their ratings since I bought that one though.)  In any case, it might be worth checking in with the manufacturer.

Just to be clear - Roku doesn't make TVs.  They do make their streaming service OS available to TV makers to include - though I much prefer to have my streaming devices in tiny separate boxes that I can swap out (or not) independently of big bulky TVs.

Roku doesn't actually charge for their service either.  Though you can optionally be billed for premium streaming channels through them.  (Or you can pay the streaming channels directly.)

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