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Tv audio is playing instead of Roku express streaming chann

I recently switched out my Roku stick to a Roku Express because I kept getting the notification that it was outdated and I needed to replace it. I made the switch and hooked up everything as it was previously. BUT when i select the input for the Roku and go to a streaming channel i get the streaming channel but the only audio is coming from the tv channel that was on.

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Re: Tv audio is playing instead of Roku express streaming chann

Hi @jwb1

Welcome to Roku Community, 

We would appreciate further information regarding the issue you are experiencing. Just to confirm, have you finished setting up your Roku Express? Can you access your Roku Home Screen page without any issues? Also, could you please specify if the audio issue occurs only when watching a movie or TV show?

With more details, we will able to identify what cause of the issue. 


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