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Tcl 8 Audio Sync

I've had a TCL 8 for a year now. I was very excited about this (expensive) purchase. I got some roku wireless speakers along with it and was frustrated to find that whenever I tried watching a blu ray on it (no matter what player, input, or settings I used) the picture had the audio coming too early and there were often pops and crackling with the sound. A software designer explained to me that the tv was delaying the video to meet the video but was over correcting, and while doing so, was also not able to hold the video in its memory long enough and was encountering these pops of interference. I recently went ahead and purchased the (also very expensive) enclave cinehome pro. They advertised a millisecond delay and no interference. However, because of the way this TCL tv is trying to over corrent its audio, it is poping and out of sync when watching blu rays and even some streaming just like the wireless roku speakers.. The ONLY setting on this TV that seems to make it stop trying to "fix" my audio is the game mode setting but that wrecks the image. I guess long story short.... can you please remove this terrible feature of the tv trying to delay my video to "match" my audio. It is absolutely the biggest PROBLEM with the tv.

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