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TV Updated yesterday, now I get "Loading..." forever on all channels

I did the "Issue tracker" thing I've seen suggested (home 5 times, back 5 times), and here's my info:

Model 7506X - Roku TV

Serial Number: YN003H342070 (DK77A3342070)

Software version: 10.0.0 - build 4209-61

Timestamp: 2021-11-24T19:31:07Z

Please use issue ID 70-472-051 to report the current issue.


With that out of the way.... I allowed the Element Roku TV to check for updates yesterday, and it installed an update. Since then, I've been 100% unable to load ANY channels. They all hang up at the "Loading..." screen with the spinning circle. Netflix, Prime video, Hulu, YouTube, it doesn't matter. They all just sit there forever, until I go back to home.

I've restarted the TV multiple times with no change. I switched to a different Wifi Router -- no change.

I tried to check for updates again, and it does the "Checking for new software..." thing for a minute or so, then appears to hang (the spinning circle stops spinning), then the TV reboots. If I go back in to the updates again, it shows the last time I checked for updates as being yesterday at 8:30, and not today right now a minute ago. I just re-tried right now, and the same result.

My TV is an expensive piece of abstract wall art now. It's not a TV.

What else can I try?

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