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TV Ears

I'm 80 years old with a hearing problem, thanks to the Marine Corps.  I want to use TV ears so my wife can control the volume through the smart sound bar & speakers, while I control the TV ears (headphones).  TV ears are called marriage savers....

I currently have a Roku ultra.  When I plug speakers into the jack it cuts out the surround sound, can't use them both at the same time.  

In watching You Tube Videos, the Roku smart sound bar has two connections to the TV, HDMI and digital audio.  I need a digital audio to make TV ears work.  If I connect the HDMI to the TV, the surround system will work.  Is the digital audio input only?  If it is, then it will not work with TV ears.  I am not sure, but if I plug into digital audio on the TV, I think it might work. 

I spent several hours this week and nothing worked.  I have an expensive Sony amp and Samsung TV.  Both told me I have a choice.  I can have surround sound - or TV ears and TV speakers.  Can't do both. 

Before I lay out money for a smart surround bar, I want to see if anyone knows if it works and how to set it up.

Thank you...





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