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TCLRoku TV with power button constantly lit, but TV not turning on

I bought a TCL Roku TV 65R617 in April 2019 (manufactured in Jan 2019). A week ago, I have noticed that the TV did not respond to the remote control to turn on the TV. The TV power button on the right lower corner, in front of TV, was constantly lit (bright "white circle"), not blinking. TV didn't turn on as I pressed on the TV power button repeatedly, just showing an unresponsive black TV screen. I turned off the surge protector and then "on." The TV power button 'white circle" blinked and then dimmed, as I turned 'on' the Roku remote control, showing the Roku home menu, so far so good. 3 days ago, after my son played his Playstation for 7 hours, and turned the TV off; when he turned the TV back on, using remote, nothing happened. It just showed the same problem, just a white circle constantly lit on the power button and a black screen. When I unplugged the TV powercord, and then plug the cord back, it just showed the bright constant white circle on TV power button. I tried to find ways to fix the problem, including: replacing the remote batteries, powercyling it for 15 secs, before putting new batteries; unplugging the power cord from the outlet, and then powercycling the TV power button for 60 seconds to discharge residual electricity, even using a different power outlet; using remote control, I tried pressing Home 5x, up 1x, rewind 2x, and fast forward 2x; using remote control, pressing Home 10x - nothing happened, just a black screen and a constantly lit white circle on the TV power button. I called TCL support, followed her instructions, still no luck, until she finally recommended that I do a factory reset on the TV, by pressing on the reset button for 15 secs. I told her I would do this later, since the TV is mounted so close to the wall, my big hand wouldn't be able to reach the reset button with a paperclip or pen, lol. I got a case number in case I have to call TCL support back; I was told that my TV was out of warranty (only 1-year manufacturer warranty; unfortunately, I didn't buy extra warranty from Best Buy; so just had the TV for 15 months). Thereafter, my son helped me as he pushed, holding the reset button for 15 secs, with TV plugged on - no response. After watching YouTube videos, we tried different ways to do factory reset by pushing the reset button repeatedly, not holding it, and still no blinking light on the TV powerbutton or TCL logo below the TV; also tried unplugging the TV powercord, then my son pressed constantly on the reset button, while I plugged the TV powercord - and still no response, with a black TV screen and a constantly lit white circle on the TV power button. Please advise/help. Thanks much.

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Re: TCLRoku TV with power button constantly lit, but TV not turning on

It sounds like a hardware problem.  Roku only provides the OS, so TCL would be your best bet for help.

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Re: TCLRoku TV with power button constantly lit, but TV not turning on

I have the same problem and I was able to narrow it down to two bad parts in my TV:

1. Main board

2. A small board on the bottom that controls IR receiver and has 3 buttons (the middle button is actual physical power button on the TV)

I swapped these two parts from relative's TCL 43S403 and my TV worked. I am in the process of getting these two parts.

Hope this helps

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