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Reel Rookie

TCL Series 8 75-Inch - Some Dolby Vision UHD Menus and Captions Don't Display

Hi everyone.  I have a TCL Series 8 75-inch TV.  Something odd is happening and I can't figure out why.  When I am playing certain 4K UHD discs that are encoded with Dolby Vision, there will be an error where the disc's main menu items don't display correctly (they will only be black boxes) and / or subtitle lettering that naturally appears as part of the movie will be in a black color instead of white.

For example, Iast night I was watching Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard on UHD disc.  When the disc booted, the "Play," "Settings," "Chapters" and "Extra Features" selections briefly appeared...but then became black boxes.  The boxes were still selectable...but you can't see what you are selecting.  This doesn't happen on all Dolby Vision discs - just a few of them.  The first movie in the series, The Hitman's Bodyguard, also has the same problem, as well as the UHD discs for at least one of the Back to the Future trilogy films.  In addition, there are times that subtitles that appear as part of the movie (such as a character speaking in a foreign language for a moment) will not appear correctly - the letters will be in black instead of white.  It happened in a couple of the newly released Star Trek 4K movie titles, as well as a couple others. This is also not consistent - For example, on the disc last night where the menus were erroring out, all of the subtitling in the movie was fine.

I know this is not a problem with the disc player as I recently had another one hooked up to the same TV and it did the same thing.  Likewise, if I play the disc back on that player using another TV (a TCL 55"), there are no errors and the discs display just fine. It's only the Series 8 TV that is having this problem.  It is fully updated to the latest firmware and if I turn off Dolby Vision on the player and simply output the signal as HDR, then everything displays perfectly. Any thoughts on why this may be happening? Thanks!

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