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TCL 55inch Roku TV

I have a 55inch tcl roku tv that recently started having a black vertical shadow that's about a foot wide near the middle of the TV. I contacted tcl and they were no help besides telling me to call my warranty company. This was bought in Dec 2016 and is out of warranty now. I can still see the picture but in that area it's darker than the rest of the TV and it's pretty annoying. I've already restarted it, removed any components/hdmis, and did a factory reset. Nothing made it go away. Any suggestions, or is it shot? The shadow does look darker in personThe shadow does look darker in person


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Roku Guru

Re: TCL 55inch Roku TV

I've seen that before.

My guess is the TV is old.

5 years isnt young.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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