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Streaming Audio ATMOS, 5.1 or 2.0 - The heart of the matter

So here it is!

What type of audio compression are the streaming services sending to our boxes (ROKU, Apple, Fire?) and how is it being processed at the consumer end.

Are the muxing multiple streams and letting the metadata thru HDMI decide what to play, unless we override in settings?

Are they streaming .bwav, PCM, AIFF or AC3 files?  

Are the 2.0 streams we are hearing mix downs from the multi channel or original PM20 mixes??

Will anyone with direct knowledge of the workings of audio streaming for movies please inform us.

Knowing how this works might solve some issues many of us have.


(facts only please)

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Roku Guru

Re: Streaming Audio ATMOS, 5.1 or 2.0 - The heart of the matter

1) Mostly EAC3 (DD+), AC3 (DD), and AAC (different variations thereof), and occasionally some others (DTS, etc)

2) No to muxing, mostly yes to HDMI/EDID detection/configuration determining which audio stream to pull.

3) They arent streaming any of those as "files", though AC3 is streamed as a format for some services.

4) Depends - Mostly the 2.0 is AAC (variants thereof) converted/transcoded to DD2.0 or PCM 2.0, sometimes its DD+/DD 5.1 downmixed to 2.0.

5) Depending on what you accept as "direct knowledge of the workings..." you can accept the above or not

6) The streaming services are not monolithic or sedentary, and the technical specs can/do change.  Additionally, specific configurations of different decoder versions/options can result in different audio output, within a specific device, or between differing models/platforms.

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